Everything You Should Know About eSIM

How eSIM changes our life?

how esim change our life

eSIM changed more than just where the SIM card is placed, but redefined the way devices get access to the Internet. To put it in Steve Alder’s words, the old process of getting a plastic SIM from a store is like buy music on a plastic CD from a store, but getting connected on eSIM directly on your device is like your experience with Spotify. eSIM upended the way we used to connect the internet, it will be hard for people to imagine that they ever relied heavily on physical SIM cards.


eSIM will be a good choice if you want to get rid of the SIM card swapping during a multi-country trip. And it can definitely help you to save up to 90% roaming charges when you travel abroad. You can get access to the internet by scanning an eSIM QR code. And it will be much easier to set up an eSIM if you choose an Apple official provider since they allow the inner-App activation. Apple announced 7 worldwide service providers in 2020. Feel free to download them from the App Store. We’ve appreciated that if you can share your user experience with us in a comment.

how esim change our life

Worldwide service providers:

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