Everything You Should Know About eSIM

How to activate eSIM on your iPad?


As the convenience of eSIM is known to more people, it becomes a worldwide trend for mobile connectivity for consumers. With eSIM, users can stay connected while traveling the world without a physical SIM card. They can easily purchase an eSIM plan from local wireless carriers or worldwide service providers either by scanning QR code or in-app activation with an eSIM compatible device. If you happen to hold an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular, eSIM built-in functions for iPadOS can make everything even easier.


eSM built-in functions for iPadOS can help business travelers take better advantage of iPad for business. Take inventory and collect data on your commute, make a conference call from the park, or stay connected while traveling the world. Just pick a carrier right from your iPad and you’re all set. 


You don’t even have to sign up for a monthly plan. You can choose from longer- and shorter-term plans, or purchase a fixed amount of cellular data with a pay-as-you-go from data provider. Whichever provider and plan you choose, you’ll have the connectivity you need for however long you need it.



How to setup an eSIM with your iPad?


There are only few steps to go, eSIM can be downloaded to your iPad. Users can purchase a Pay-As-You-Go eSIM plan by navigating to Settings > Mobile Data > Add New Plan > Selecting  carrier.  No more QR code scanning or App downloading, all setup steps are carried out in iPad Cellular Setting.

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