Everything You Should Know About eSIM

How to use eSIM on your Windows 10 device


How do you connect to the Internet using your laptop? Many of you may not know an eSIM can connect your laptop to the Internet over a cellular data connection without a physical SIM card or Wi-Fi. A hotspot may also a good choice, but eSIM is much easier to use, more reliable, and secure with fewer data and battery consumption. The following list of laptops allow you to connect to the internet with eSIM.

·         ACER Swift 3 
·         ACER Swift 7 

·         ASUS Mini Transformer T103HAF 
·         Asus NovaGo TP370QL
·         ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP401NA

·         Dell Latitude 7210 2-in-1
·         Dell Latitude 9410
·         Dell Latitude 7310
·         Dell Latitude 7410
·         Dell Latitude 9510

·         HP Elitebook G5
·         HP Probook G5
·         HP Zbook G5
·         Spectre Folio 13

More HP models may be compatible. Check here.

·         Lenovo Yoga C630
·         Lenovo Miix 630
·         Lenovo Yoga 520
·         Lenovo Yoga 720 convertible laptops

·         Samsung Galaxy Book 2


·         Surface Go 2
·         Surface Pro X
·         Surface Pro 5 LTE Advanced 

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or working outside, you can get connected whenever you want by finding mobile operators with plans in that area. After you confirm that you have a eSIM compatible laptop running Windows 10, Version 1703 or later. Please follow the instruction to add an eSIM profile to get an Internet connection using cellular data(source)


1. Select the Start button, then select Settings  > Network & Internet  > Cellular > Manage eSIM profiles.

2. Under eSIM profiles, select Add a new profile.

3. To search for available profiles or use an activation code you have from your mobile operator, do one of the following:                                                                                                                                             

  • Search for available profiles

       i. Select Search for available profilesNext.

       ii. When a profile you want to use is found, select Download.

       iii. Enter the confirmation code from your mobile operator in the corresponding box, then              

       select Download.

       iv. After the profile is downloaded and installed, select Continueto find other profiles you might           want and then repeat the previous steps.

       v. Select Closewhen you have downloaded the profiles you want.

  • Use an activation code you have from your mobile operator 

       i. Select Let me enter an activation code I have from my mobile operatorNext.

       ii. If you have a QR code to scan for the activation code, choose which camera to use on your 

       PC, and then scan the QR code.

       iii. The activation code should appear in the corresponding Activation code box. Select Next.

       iv. For the dialog box that asks Do you want to download this profile?, enter the confirmation     

       code from your mobile operator into the corresponding box, and then select Download.

       v. Select Close. 

4.Optional: To give the profile a friendly name (for example, Work or Personal) to help you remember it, select the profile, select Edit name, type a name you’ll remember, and then select Save.


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