Everything You Should Know About eSIM

What is eSIM and how to use it in Japan?


What is eSIM?

 eSIM is an “Embedded SIM” that it’s designed to be built in a wide range of devices including consumer smartphones. eSIM allows you to activate multiple operator data plans on a device and switch between them without using a physical SIM card. As long as your phone is compatible with eSIM, you can enjoy the convenience it brings to our lives (eSIM Compatible Devices Checklist).

Precautions of using eSIM

The first thing is to confirm whether your phone is unlocked. If your mobile phone is purchased from a major carrier, they can unlock eSIM for your phone under certain conditions. And it really depends on whether your phone is paid in full or in installment.


Select eSIM plan in Japan

With the ongoing increase in eSIM compatible devices, main carriers demonstrated a more positive attitude in providing eSIM services.


eSIM for travel

Traveling with eSIM brings great convenience to people especially during the coronavirus pandemic period. In the past time, we need to purchase a local SIM card at the airport, or wait for the mailing after ordering a SIM card online. With eSIM, we can simply order eSIM prepaid plan from websites or Apps. After active the data plan, we can connect to the local network once we arrive at the local airport. Here are some eSIM service providers that you can download from App store. You can leave a comment or contact their customer service if you have any questions about eSIM setup.
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